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Micro auger doser

for the dosage of powders and granules
from 0,1 ml up to 1 ml


Application area:


Range of products:


from 0,1 ml- approx. 1 ml

Description of Operation:

The auger dosing unit type SD700 is a vertically operating dosing auger for the dosage of powders and granules (also poor-flowing ones and dust developing products, too).
The exchangeable dosing auger conveys the product through the auger tube, usually directly into a prefabricated bag.
All product-contact parts are made of stainless steel and they constitute materials which are FDA approved.
The number of auger revolutions is adjustable up to 3000 1/min
The dosing unit is driven by means of a servo motor, whose drive shaft is directly connected by its elongation with the dosing auger.
The dosing quantity results from: “flight volume” multiplied by the number of auger rotations per dosing operation.
The auger rotations are freely adjustable.
The dosing unit is equipped with a “horizontal infeed auger”, which conveys the product from a product supply or from a storage container into the dosing hopper and which, therefore, decouples the filling of product fluctuations in the storage area. By means of a product level controller, the filling level in the dosing hopper is kept constant. The refill rhythm is adjustable.

Technical Data:

Dosing ranges
from 0,1 ml up to 1 ml
up to 140 doses/min
approx. 0,4 kW
Voltage supply standard
Protection class
approx. 12 kg
Colour standard
Stainless steel - aluminium


  • Constructed in the building block system
  • Compact, robust, long-life construction
  • For screws from Ø 2,5 up to max. Ø 8 mm.
  • All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel - or another approved material
  • Infinitely variable servo-drive of auger
  • Separate stirrer drive right-hand or, respectively, left-hand rotation switchable
  • Quick format change
  • Easy to operate
  • Low-maintenance
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • The machine meets the current
    CE - guidelines


  • Tendentious control in combination with a weighing machine
  • Ventilation and gas flushing of product
  • Special sets of dosing augers
  • Different systems to close the auger tube, e.g. end cut-off disc for free-flowing products


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