Supply of desiccant strip sealed into the foil of the Stickpack,suitable for moisture-sensitive products.


Application area:

Pharmaceutical industry
Cosmetics industry
Food industry
Chemicals industry

Range of products:

  • Tablets
  • Micro tablets
  • Pellets
  • Granules
  • Powder

Description of operation:

In the strip supply, a desiccant strip is cut to length and simultaneously glued onto the inside of the foil of the Stickpack.

The desiccant strip is then located inside the Stickpack.

It protects moisture-sensitive pharma products.

The foils used offer better protection against moisture than the thermoformed packs (blister packs) that are already known because the Stickpack has an aluminium barrier all around.

Standard foils can be used.

Technische Daten:

Stickpack - length:
40-100 mm
Width of Stickpack - transversal seam:
25-50 mm
Strip thickness
0,3-1 mm
Strip width
5-10 mm
Strip length
30-80 mm
Speed of strip supply
max. 30 cycles/min

Activ Stickpack ®

with desiccant strip sealed in


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