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Stickpack forming-, filling- and sealing machine

for small tubular bags with an optimum saving of packaging material
- The universal machine with high efficiency -


Application area:

Pharmaceutical Industry
Cosmetics Industry
Chemical Industry

Range of products:

LIQUIDS (0,2 - 100 ml)
Gels, ointments, syrup, juices, oils, watery liquids, etc.

CREAMS (0,2 - 100 ml)
Skin cream, lip balm etc.

POWDER AND GRANULES (0,2 - 100 ml)
Medicinal product in powder form and in granules, baby food, pellets, salts etc.

Small piece goods
Tablets, micro tablets, coated tablets, test strips etc.


  • GMP-compliant design
  • Compact balcony construction
  • Stainless steel version
  • Independent operation of each station
  • Infinitely variable speed
  • Sealing temperature separately controllable
  • Siemens S7 PLC
  • Only a few movable parts
  • Low total height
  • Excellent accessibility
  • High flexibility
  • Low costs for format parts
  • Wide range of formats

Description of operation:

 The packaging machine SB51-2LS is a vertically operating, fully automatic forming-, filling- and sealing machine for the production of very small tubular bags, the so called “Stickpacks”.
The machine processes flexible, composite films (foils) from the flat foil reel.
In a sequence of single operations, the film is drawn off from the reel, formed to a tube during transportation and sealed lengthwise, filled then, sealed transversally and cut off.
A photocell control assures the exact positioning of the print.
The packaging machine SB51-2LS is conceived as a 1-lane basic machine for the production of bags, constructed as a double machine. This means that there are two machines in the housing which are operating independently from each other.
In combination with different product supply systems and dosing units, a wide range of products can be packed.

Sealing station swivable
-up to 30 mm bag width - longitudinal sealing offset to the side possible

Technical data:

Bag width standard
12-50 mm
Special bag width
on request
Bag length
20-200 mm
Filling volume per bag
0,2-100 ml
Capacity cycles/min* (2 x)
Output bags/min
bis 80
Number of lanes
2 separate lanes
Diameter of film reel
max. 400 mm
Width of film reel
max. 111
Diameter of film reel core
70/76 mm
Sealing pressure
up to 1000 N
Air connection
6 bar
approx. 4 KW
Voltage supply standard
Protection class
IP 54
approx.1000 kg
Colour standard
Stainless steel - aluminium
Packaging material
all current, heat-sealable
composite films

*Depending on product, filling quantity and packaging material


  • Printing units
  • Camera systems
  • Ionization device
  • Child resistant opening features
  • Tear slit / tear notch
  • Unit for the production of bags in chain
  • Dust absorption
  • Sealing seam offset to the side (up to format set of 30mm)
  • Gas flushing unit
  • Sorting unit
  • Conveyor systems
  • Line integration


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