Stickpack filling and sealing machine

High-precision dosing into Stickpacks


Application area:

Chemicals industry

Range of products:

e.g. vaccines, reagents, analysing liquids…
e.g. pharmaceutical powders…
Granules, small piece goods
e.g. pharmaceutical products, micro tablets…


Description of operation:

This system is mainly developed to control the net weight of a Stickpack by leaving out the influence of the weight of the wrapping material.

To this end, empty bags are put into carriers - manually or supplied by a MERZ packaging machine.

The filling and weighing of the bags is performed in several steps. The filled Stickpack carriers are being conveyed step by step via a transport system.

1. Step:  Additional Stickpack spreading device
2. Step:  The empty bag is weighed together with the carrier (tara)
3. Step:  Additional camera for controlling open Stickpacks 
4. Step:  Dosing or rather filling of product 1
5. Step:  Weighing of product 1
6. Step:  Horizontal sealing product 1 (Option for separation of product 1 and product 2)
7. Step:  Dosing or rather filling of product 2
8. Step:  Weighing of product 2
9. Step:  Horizontal sealing (closing of Stickpack)
10. Step:  Waiting position (reserve position e.g. for control by camera)
11. Step:  Sachet sorting into good and bad bags with reject verification
12. Step:  Sensor with holder after Stickpack transfer for check of empty workpiece carriers 
13. Step:  The empty carrier moves on, back to the starting position


  • Machine completely out of stainless steel and aluminum
  • Pneumatic parallel sealing drive
  • Sealing temperature left/right separately adjustable
  • Bag counter
  • Improved control by determination of empty bag net weight
  • Siemens PLC


  • Discharge conveyor
  • Dust collection
  • Peel seam between two chambers possible
  • Possibility of filling of two different products into one bag
  • Transformer for special voltage

Technical Data:

Bag width
9-23 mm
Bag length
30-120 mm
Filling volume*
ranging from some microliters up to 5ml or up to 200 micro tablets
Output bags/min
up to 25
Air connection
6 bar
approx. 2 KW
Voltage supply standard
Protection class
IP 54
approx. 1150 kg
Colour standard
stainless steel - aluminium

*Depending on product, filling quantity and packaging material 


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