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“That’s how we tick”

Dear reader,

As a family-run company with a long tradition, it is in our nature to act sustainably and take on social responsibility. What we stand for and strive to achieve is laid out in our corporate guidelines: Human rights, environmental protection, sustainability and anti-corruption.
It is our view that responsible corporate management is not a certified standard on a piece of paper but instead something that we practise and have practised as a matter of course since the company’s foundation. This can be seen in the commitment and loyalty of our employees, suppliers and customers. We like to act with a cool head and a warm heart and have always been great proponents of honest communication and mutual trust in order to build respectful and appreciative relationships. This provides the impetus for initiating change, sharing ideas and implementing development processes. It is on this basis that we wish to work together.

We would like to emphasise again that we do practice what we preach in this regard and are happy to be measured by these standards. To this end, we have set up an e-mail address where we can be contacted in the event of any criticism, questions or need for clarification. Please don’t hesitate to send us your comments or questions, which we will answer promptly. We are very open to suggestions for improvement or innovative ideas!

Managing Director

Holger Merz

Commercial Director

Jörn Damaschke

Inspire us! Work with us – and help create a clean, safe and caring world – for us and for future generations!

Merz Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH is a medium-sized family enterprise and embraces the ethical foundations of our society, their virtues and the positive values of the world religions. This means acting in an honest, open and tolerant manner.

The following guiding principles are derived from this:


We adhere to all legal requirements, standards and provisions. How we act as a company is defined by our Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the following applies:


The quality of the work we perform, the individual solutions we provide and the machines we build is outstanding and exceeds the expectations of our customers. Sustainability is ensured through the development and construction processes and is confirmed by the longevity of the machines and associated solutions we provide. Our commitment to quality is reinforced by the certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.


The Merz company places great value on building a cooperative and trusting relationship with its customers but also with its suppliers. We strive for clear and open communication and support our suppliers wherever possible. This includes our commendable payment practices which allow faster-than-normal invoice payment.

The Merz company does not engage in any money laundering.

Illegal payments, dealings or labour shall not be tolerated.

Merz shall under no circumstances offer bribes in order to receive an order, even in countries where this is common practice. Any employees who request such payments will be reported to their company.

Gifts are collected in the procurement department. These are then generally offered as raffle prizes at the year-end party, so as to avoid personal ties to suppliers.

The Merz company does not have its own budget for gifts. The giveaways offered at trade fairs for advertising purposes are worth less than 20 euros.

An invitation to dinner with customers, e.g. for acceptance tests on machines, shall only be for standard restaurants and is to be understood as hospitality.

Antitrust law is respected. In particular, there shall be no price-fixing.

It is expressly forbidden to offer benefits of any kind to civil servants and other public officials as well as to representatives of government institutions, including indirectly via third parties.

In the event of donations being made to parties and political organisations as well as to elected officials and candidates for political offices, the respective applicable laws shall always be complied with.

The hiring of consultants, agents and other mediators must not be used to sidestep anti-bribery laws.

Employees, safety and human rights:

The employees represent the potential of the Merz company. They shall be encouraged, supported in their tasks and deployed in accordance with their individual strengths.

The guiding principle in dealing with employees is as follows:

Satisfied, healthy and happy employees are efficient and motivated employees. As a result, the well-being of its staff is very important to the company. Great value is therefore placed on mutual appreciation and respect in our interaction and communication.

We provide training for staff as we are aware of the significance of dual training for our company. Providing regular further qualification courses and support in the personal development of its staff is a fixed part of the services offered by the company.

Occupational health and safety are important components of the organisation and are financially supported by the company beyond the minimum standards required by law. This also includes a trustful relationship with industrial inspectorate and trade association. Merz offers its employees free membership in a fitness studio and height-adjustable desks are available at the workplace. In the case of disputes, one female and one male representative, appointed by the employees themselves, are available to offer advice.

Human rights and labour rights are respected and complied with. In particular, no forms of discrimination or harassment are accepted.

We are committed to providing equal opportunity to our employees.

Child labour and the exploitation of employees is strictly forbidden and does not take place.

Merz seeks to protect the physical and mental integrity of its employees in the field, in particular, by allowing business trips to regions or countries for which the German Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel warning only to take place in absolute emergencies and with the consent of the affected employee. Postings without consent do not take place.

Customers and suppliers:

One of our main strengths is the short communication channels within the company, intensive customer support and high level of supplier commitment. We place great value on treating people fairly. We strive to build long-lasting and good relationships rather than acting on short-term interests. We act according to the principle: “A promise is a promise”. For the benefit of our customers, we continually work on improvements even if this means investing money to do so. We see the customer as king – we have an open ear and strive to make the seemingly impossible possible – this is our speciality. We treat our customers and suppliers in an open and honest manner, seeking to resolve any critical issues collectively, whereby we apply common sense and a pragmatic approach. The declared goal is to find a solution and help the customer. It is our intention to create close ties with customers and suppliers, as this often opens the door to new and unbureaucratic approaches. The key to success is the systematic and continual analysis of the needs of customers and manufacturers.


Handling of information:

Company and business secrets:

Our employees have an obligation not to disclose any company and business secrets or information about other internal affairs. This also applies to information about our contractual partners and customers which is not available to the general public.

Data protection:

We guarantee compliance with the provisions of data-protection law. Personal data may only be collected, processed and used when this is permitted in accordance with the applicable laws. Documents containing personal data relating to employees are always treated confidentially and secured against unauthorised access.

Environmental policy:

The Merz company seeks to act in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. We practise waste prevention and separation. Whenever possible, we buy from local suppliers. There is only a minimal amount of emissions. These are comparable to those of residential buildings.

Concluding remarks:

Our corporate guidelines are not, and never have been, simply words on a piece of paper. We would like to emphasise that we practice what we preach in this regard and are happy to be measured by these standards. To this end, we have set up the following e-mail address where we can be contacted in the event of any criticism or need for clarification.
Please don’t hesitate to send us your comments or questions, which we will answer promptly. We are very open to suggestions for improvement or innovative ideas!


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