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Merz Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

The place for personal, customized packaging and special machines.

MERZ packaging machines are in use in more than 40 countries all over the world!

For more than 40 years the company MERZ Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH has been developing Stickpack-machines, 3-or 4-side sealing bag machines as well as special machines in this sector.

A significant advantage for our customers is the supply of complete “turn-key” lines with 1 to 5 lanes including end of the line packaging into folded cartons or into cardboard boxes.

We also manufacture machines in special machine construction!

Countries we export to


As an expansion to the well-known Merz stick pack program for the pharmaceutical industry, Merz will present its new development for the production of ACTIV STICKPACKS® at InterPack 2023. The stick pack is equipped with a moisture and oxygen-absorbing additive material and can thus regulate the atmosphere within the packaging.

This protects the products inside the stick pack, such as tablets or micro-tablets as well as powders or granules, from moisture and improves their shelf life and stability.

Due to its special design, the risk of swallowing conventional drying agents is eliminated, as the additive material is firmly welded to the film and designed in such a way that no product is enclosed by it.

This also means that the additive material cannot be removed from the film without destroying the packaging, which additionally contributes to safety in the application of children's-specific medications.

The functional group will be demonstrated on a MERZ SBL50, in combination with a micro-tablet dosing system, which can flexibly fill any desired number of tablets.

As usual with Merz, this additional equipment can also be retrofitted to any SBL50.

Packaging machines

For the following types of bag

Stickpack packaging machines

SNUS packaging machines

Sachet packaging machines

Dosing systems

For the following range of products

Micro tablets

powders and granules


We’d like to thank the company KEB for recording the video at Packexpo 2017


High-precision dosing into Stickpacks

Merz has developed a new filling system MFS800 for Stickpacks. The system enables small and very small quantities to be weighed without being influenced by the packaging material, i.e. net weighing


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