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Stickpack forming, filling and sealing machine

Multi-lane compact Stickpack machine for the production of simple or standard Stickpack sizes and designs


  • Cosmetics industry
  • Food industry
  • Chemicals industry


    from 0,5 - 45 ml
    e.g. shampoo, cosmetic samples, bath extract, oil, coffee cream, sugar milk, coffee syrup, chocolate drink, dressings, alcohol,…
    from 0,5 - 45 ml
    e.g. skin cream samples, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, yoghurt, grease, soft cheese, butter, gel,…
    from 0,2 - 45 ml
    e.g. pudding, milk powder, baby food, coffee creamer, tea, cappuccino,…
    from 0,2 - 45 ml
    e.g. salt, sugar, spices, soups, instant coffee, baker’s yeast, tobacco, tea, detergents, spot removal salt, silicagel, seeds,...


The packaging machine SBL-50-M is a vertically operating, fully automatic forming-, filling- and sealing machine for the production of very small tubular bags, the so-called “Stickpacks”. The machine processes flexible composite films (foils) from the flat foil reel.
In a sequence of single operations, the film is drawn off from the reel,cut lengthwise, formed to a tube during transportation and sealed lengthwise, filled then, sealed transversally and cut off. At the same time, a photocell control assures the exact positioning of the print.
The packaging machine SBL-50-M is conceived as a multi-lane basic machine for the bag production. In combination with different product supply systems and dosing units, a wide range of products can be packed.




  • machine completely in stainless steel and aluminum, suitable for  food products
  • continuous electromechanical main drive with pneumatic parallel sealing drive
  • suitable for mechanical and photocell controlled bag draw-off by means of an up-down movement of transverse sealing station
  • single bags and strings of bags with perforation by means of pneumatically operated plunging knife
  • sealing temperature left/right plus longitudinal separately adjustable
  • electrical bag counter, reset to zero possible
  • Siemens PLC


  2-times 4-times
Bag width standard 12 - 40 mm 12-28 mm
Bag length 20 - 200 mm 20-200 mm
Filling volume per bag 0,2 ml - 45 ml 0,2 ml - 20 ml
Capacity cycles/min.* 0 - 70 0-70
Output bags/min. up to 140 up to 280
Number of lanes 2 4
Diameter of film reel max. 400 mm max. 400 mm
Width of film reel max. 182 mm max. 268 mm
Diameter of film reel core 70/76 mm 70/76 mm
Air connection 6 bar 6 bar
Connected value approx. 2,5 KW approx. 3 KW
Voltage supply standard 400V/3/N/PE/50Hz 400V/3/N/PE/50Hz
Protection class IP 54 IP 54
Weight approx. 600 kg approx. 600 kg
Colour standard stainless steel-aluminium stainless steel- aluminium
Packaging material

all current, heat-sealable composite films

*depending on product, filling quantity and packaging material



  • thermotransfer printing unit, alternatively ink jet
  • foil monitoring (end of reel or torn)
  • sealing pressure monitoring
  • bag counter or changeover flap
  • discharge conveyor belt
  • gas flushing
  • dust extraction
  • continuous run/operation
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • transformer for special voltage


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