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Vertical Forming-,Filling- and Sealing Machine

for three and four side sealed sachets
- The small machine with the high flexibility -



  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Chemicals Industry


    from 0,5 - 180ml
    e.g.: shampoo, cosmetics samples, bath extracts, ice lollies, oil, coffee cream, vaccines, ...
    from 0,5 - 180 ml
    e.g.: skin cream samples, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, grease, gel, ...
    in all sizes and with any kind of impregnation
    e.g.: swabs, refreshing tissues, glass cleanig tissues, spectacles cleaning tissues, double bags, cotton tissues, ...
    from 0,2 - 250 ml
    e.g.: pharmaceutical products, salt, sugar, spices, pudding, soups, milk powder, cappuccino, instant coffee, coffee creamer, baker´s yeast, tobacco, detergents, spot removal salt, seed, ...
    e.g.: sweets, nuts,saccharine tablets, ball point pen cartridges, test stripes, medical suture, ...


The MP-2 is a vertically operating, fully automatic forming-, filling- and sealing machine for the production of three- and four-side sealed sachets. The machine processes flexible, laminated foils from one reel or alternatively from two reels. In a sequence of single operations, the film is drawn off from the reel, cut lengthwise in the middle, then the two halfs are guided face to face by a deviation triangle and sealed in U-form. The ready-made empty sachet is filled then, conveyed vertically by one sachet length, closed at the top and cut off. At the same time, a photocell control assures the exact positioning of the print. The MP-2 is a basic machine, producing bags. In combination with different product supply systems and dosing units, a wide range of products can be packed.


  • Constructed in the building block system
  • Compact small size design
  • PLC control Siemens S7
  • Robust long-life construction
  • Balcony construction according to GMP
  • Product saving due to short drop distance
  • Sealing station 90° moveable to both sides
  • Quick change of format
  • Easy to operate
  • Very low noise-level
  • High sealing pressure, adjustable by hydraulic cylindre
  • Easy to maintain - low maintenance
  • Powerful, high output
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio



Sachet width standard: 15 - 160 mm
Special sachet width: up to 240 mm
Sachet length: 15 - 200 mm
Filling volume per sachet: 0,2 ml - 250 ml
Capacity cycles/min *1: 0 - 100
Output sachet/min: up to 100 per lane
Number of lanes: 1-6
Diameter of film reel: max. 500 mm
Width of film reel: max. 520 mm
Diameter of film reel core: 76 (152) mm
Sealing pressure: up to 20000N
Air connection: 6 bar
Wattage: approx. 4 KW
Voltage supply standard: 400V/3/N/PE/50Hz
Protection class: IP 54
Weight: approx. 1000 kg
Color standard: silver
Packaging Material: all current heat-sealable composite foils
*1 Depending on product, filling quantity and packaging material



  • Allen Bradley PLC and HMI
  • Special electric voltage / transformer
  • Punching device for tear notch or tearing groove
  • Coding cold embossing in sealing seam
  • Coding hot embossing, thermo, Ink-Jet
  • Contour punching, European standard perforation
  • Automatic foil edge control
  • Chain packages
  • Gas flushing device
  • Dust absorption system
  • Bag collecting- and bag transfer-devices
  • Subsequent packaging semi- or fully automatic
  • Product supply systems
  • Pharmaceutical construction
  • Different types of feeding and dosing systems which can be changed
    easily are available for each range of use.
  • Complete packaging lines
  • Without PLC possible


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Phone: 0049-6404-9172-0 · E-mail:

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